CNCR Summary

The Cancer Immunotherapy ETF

ETF Information as of

ETF Summary

ETF Info
Primary Exchange NASDAQ
Ticker CNCR
Index Symbol LCINDX
Index Provider Loncar Investments, LLC
Index Calculator Indxx, LLC
Net Assets $undefined
Shares Outstanding undefined
Number of Holdings
Weighting Equal-Weighted
Rebalanced Semi-Annually
Reconstituted Semi-Annually
Fund Inception Date 10/13/15
Management Fee 0.79%
Gross Expense Ratio 0.79%
Net Asset Value $
Daily Change
Market Price
Closing Price $
Daily Change $
Premium Discount
Mid-Point $
Premium/Discount %
Ex-Date 12/30/2019
Record Date 12/31/2019
Payable Date 01/02/2020
Amount N/A
Short-Term Capital Gains N/A

The fund's investment in securities that are less actively traded or over time experience decreased trading volume may affect adversely the fund's ability to make dividend distributions.